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Minnesota: Dozen Muslim boys leave school to attend Koran school

Thirteen-year-old Fadel Hasan has memorized the entire roster of his favorite football team, the Minnesota Vikings. He usually has an opinion about draft picks and trades that http://dlvr.it/5RdYy6

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Video: More than 200,000 to attend Dubai Peace meet

Globally renowned Islamic scholars and preachers from various countries will address the third Dubai International Peace Conference (DIPC) at World Trade Centre.


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British Hamas donors active now in Syria

Three Islamic charities based in the U.K. who have funded projects administered by a Hamas “charitable” have also become involved with a radical Syrian aid convoy, according to http://dlvr.it/5QC6VN

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Erdogan Does Nothing But Make Mistakes

Daniel Pipes Middle East Forum 16 April 2014
By Safak Terzi

Daniel Pipes is one of the prominent conservative names in the United States. He is the founder of the Middle East Forum . … He is also one of the key individuals forwarding idea of the moderate Islam. We had a chance to evaluate recent developments in Turkey by phone with Mr. Pipes as he was in Paris on March 12. http://dlvr.it/5QC6T6

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Turkey to Build Special Prison for Gays

Justice Minister Bekir Bozda? has announced that a project to build exclusive prisons for gays is underway, sparking concern that such a measure will lead to profiling and expose LGBT http://dlvr.it/5QC6HF

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Call for Finnish policemen to wear headscarves

Minority groups in Finland want to see rules regarding police uniforms changed to allow officers to wear religious head coverings; however, Finland is unlikely to follow Sweden and http://dlvr.it/5QC6Fx

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Neither Erdogan’s victory, nor the Muslim Brotherhood’s protests are an Ottoman slap

Following a trail of setbacks, Islamists in the Arab world have something to celebrate. Their hero, Recep Tayyip Erdo?an, has won in Turkey’s local elections, a victory Islamists in the Arab http://dlvr.it/5QBZnz

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Plovdiv court suspends Muslim property claim case

The Regional Court in Bulgaria’s second city Plovdiv suspended proceedings on April 11 2014 in a case involving claims by the office of the Chief Mufti, spiritual leader of the country’s http://dlvr.it/5QBZkX

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Diverse jury for Muslim cleric accused of aiding Taliban

Jurors in the New York terrorism trial of handless hate preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri will include a mailman from the Bronx, a retired MTA bus driver, a doctor from Bosnia and a young mother http://dlvr.it/5QBZgJ

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Police Hunt In Mirfield After Attempted Abduction Of 12-Year-Old Girl

Police in West Yorkshire are hunting a vile sexual deviant who tried to drag a 12 year old girl into his car in Mirfield. No prizes for guessing the abductors description……yes you guessed http://dlvr.it/5QBZf1

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Israeli Hackers Expose ‘Amateurs’ Behind Anti-Israel Attack

Israeli hackers have gone on the offensive against their anti-Israel opponents in revenge for the #OpIsrael hacking attack against Israeli sites and servers. After the failed “operation” by http://dlvr.it/5QBZdB

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Qatar Must Shun the Muslim Brotherhood

For several decades, the Muslim Brotherhood has enjoyed safe haven in Qatar and several Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Bahrain. After the so-called “Arab Spring,” http://dlvr.it/5QB4jh

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One Year Anniversary of Boston Bombing: A Lesson in FBI Failure

To order Robert Spencer’s just-released new book, Arab Winter Comes to America: The Truth About the War We’re In. With the first anniversary of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings now here http://dlvr.it/5QB489

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Ohio: Muslim cabbies refuse to drive cabs for gays

Some local cabbies are taking a stand and refusing to promote a major event in the area. The protest centers around signs promoting the Gay Games that are on top of airport http://dlvr.it/5QB458

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Pakistan: Christian and Hindu Girls Being Forced to Convert and Marry Muslim Men

Approximately 1000 Christian and Hindu girls and women are victims of forced conversion and forced marriage in Pakistan each year. Am I a racist for complaining, CAIR? Around 1,000 Christian http://dlvr.it/5QB3vF

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