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Video: Has Germany Gone Nuts?

Akif Pirinçci is a Turkish-German fiction writer who has turned to social-political criticism in his latest book. If he were not an immigrant, he would probably have been prosecuted for his scathing denunciation of Modern Multicultural Germany’s obsession with feminism, sexual perversion, and immigration.


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43 Percent Agree With Fewer Moroccans

Half of all Dutch people agree with Geert Wilders’ opinion that there should be fewer Moroccans in the country. This comes from research that the PVV requested pollster Maurice de Hond to http://dlvr.it/5TJKLR

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Turkey university cancels panel on gays ‘immoral’ by Hezbollah

A Turkish university cancelled a panel on gay rights after it came under harsh criticism from Islamic extremists who branded the event as “immoral”, a liberal daily reported Monday. http://dlvr.it/5TJKKN

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First Islamic academic center opens in Switzerland

The Swiss Islamic Shura Council has launched the first Islamic research center in the European nation; “The Islamic Sciences Institute.” Abdullah Nicholas Blancho, board member of the http://dlvr.it/5TJKFs

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Hundreds protest MB death sentences in Bosnia

More than 200 demonstrators gathered in the Bosnian capital to protest against the death penalty for 528 members of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The crowds chanted slogans http://dlvr.it/5TJKCK

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Tony Blair urges British intervention against Islamic extremists around the world

Tony Blair will call on Britain today to back “revolution” against anti-Western interests in the Middle East and beyond to combat the growing threat of radical Islam. In a significant http://dlvr.it/5TJK8B

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‘Muslim morality squads’ accused of confiscating students’ Easter eggs in U.K.

Children who took Easter eggs to class allegedly had them confiscated by “Muslim morality squads” patrolling a school in Birmingham, England, according to press reports. http://dlvr.it/5TBtH3

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Video: Das Interview - Akif Pirinçci - “Deutschland von Sinnen”

International Business Times 23 April 2014
Von Roger

Aus dem deutschen Intellektuellen ist eine “lächerliche Figur” geworden. Dieser Planet kann sich nur weiter drehen, wenn “traditionelle Familien” da sind. Solche und weitere http://dlvr.it/5TBLGL

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Durchgesickerter Inspektorenbericht belegt: Englische Schulen diskriminieren Nichtmuslime

In einem Bericht der Schulinspektion, der der englischen Tageszeitung The Telegraph zugespielt wurde, heißt es, in der englischen Stadt Birmingham würden nichtmuslimische http://dlvr.it/5TBKxz

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Französisches Frühwarnsystem gegen Dschihadisten

Die Regierung Hollande setzt auf Verstärkung der Präventiv-Überwachung, Krisenzellen für Familien und Signale “starker Intuition”, um den Dschihadisten nachwuchs im eigenen Land http://dlvr.it/5TBKwc

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Church in Bulgaria became a mosque and a church again

The unique history of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church amazes tourists from around the world. The church is entirely built of stone. It is located in the village of Uzundzhovo, Haskovo Municipality http://dlvr.it/5T9lTL

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Video: Cork Muslim community seeks replacement imam

A rapidly expanding community of Muslims wants to hire a new imam, or spiritual leader. The highly specialised job, which has been advertised by the Cork Muslim Society, comes with a €2,500 monthly salary and an immediate start date. The position is open to men only.


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Turkey’s PM bans traditional May Day rallies on Taksim Square

Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday he would not allow May Day gatherings on Istanbul’s Taksim Square, the scene of protests that have dogged http://dlvr.it/5T9lP3

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Georgia: Muslim murder suspect pens threat-filled letters to area judges

The woman accused of killing Jerry Wheeler last June 18 is still at a state mental health facility in Milledgeville being evaluated and will not have a competency hearing that had been http://dlvr.it/5T9lHt

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Abbas threatens to dismantle the PA. Yet again.

The era of the two-state solution may soon be rocked by a decision that could signal its demise. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is mulling the merits of a proposal to dismantle the http://dlvr.it/5T9lFV

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