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Jihadis call The Hague Jihadi City

Jihadis call The Hague Jihadi City. With at least 200 members the group of radical Muslims in The Hague has as many supporters as the extreme right in the entire Netherlands. http://dlvr.it/6JCyXq

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In Sweden, Muslims Beat Man w/Iron Pipes for Hanging Israeli Flag in Window

Malmo is Ground Zero for anti-Semitism in Sweden. Its large Muslim immigrant population has terrorized the Jewish community. Anti-Semitic attacks tripled there in 2013. And http://dlvr.it/6JCyJT

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The myth of Islamophobia

Children as young as 10 are among those racially abusing Muslims in Britain’, shouted the Daily Mail last week; ‘Women targeted in rising tide of attacks on Muslims’, http://dlvr.it/6JCyC9

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The Individualisation of Radical Islam in Britain

An alleged Islamist plot, dubbed ‘Trojan Horse,’ which seeks to bring hardline practices into Birmingham’s schools, has stoked fears that Islamic fundamentalists in Britain are http://dlvr.it/6J81rl

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Jihadist warns he is ready to die for his cause

Abdul Raqib Amin, who was brought up in Aberdeen, featured in an online video last month alongside two men from Cardiff urging Western Muslims to join the Islamic State in Iraq http://dlvr.it/6J81mW

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Trojan Horse: Birmingham council ‘ignored warnings for 12 years’

The council running many of the schools involved in the Trojan Horse scandal ignored the problem for 12 years, an inquiry is set to find. Peter Clarke, the former top http://dlvr.it/6FQWKg

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Google’s right to be forgotten hides Islamic marriage of Osborne’s brother

A news report about the conversion of George Osborne’s brother to Islam has been hidden by Google. The article, published five years ago and detailing the conversion of Dr http://dlvr.it/6FPbBK

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The Hague: Muslims Demonstrate in favor of ISIS Jihadi Movement

A group of forty radical Muslim men has demonstrated in the Schilderswijk neighborhood in The Hague in favor of the Isis Jihadi Movement in Iraq and Syria. They shouted slogans http://dlvr.it/6FPZLm

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'Immigration is a taboo subject in Sweden'

The Local chats to the host of a new radio programme in Denmark that tackles the cultural divide between Swedes and their Danish neighbours, and pokes particular fun at the http://dlvr.it/6FPZG3

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Municipal Council of Bulgaria’s Peshtera votes down report on noisy Muslim prayers

Municipal Council of the Bulgarian town of Peshtera voted down the report filed against the loudspeakers of the local mosque. Municipal councillor with Ataka party, Atanas http://dlvr.it/6FG9Fg

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More sec grooming and abuse in UK

A Catford shopkeeper has been jailed after befriending, grooming and attempting to rape a 14-year-old girl who visited his store. Gerard Morgan has been described as “every http://dlvr.it/6FG8t5

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More Than 20,000 Girls at Risk for FGM in UK This Year Alone

Thousands of schoolgirls in the United Kingdom are at high risk of undergoing female genital mutilation [FGM] during this year’s summer break, according to the British http://dlvr.it/6FG8gw

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• Zwangsehen in Großbritannien

EuropeNews 7 Juli 2014
Orginal: Britain Outlaws Forced Marriage
Gatestone Institute , Von Soeren Kern
Übersetzung von Hugh Manity

"Die Schwierigkeit liegt darin, Beweise vorzulegen, besonders wenn die Täter aus dem unmittelbaren sozialen Umfeld kommen, z.B. Familienmitglieder sind, aber auch in der http://dlvr.it/6FF13k

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Bundesregierung warnt vor erhöhter Terrorgefahr für Deutschland durch radikale Islamisten

Die Bundesregierung warnt vor erhöhter Terrorgefahr im Zuge einer “Rückreisewelle” radikaler Islamisten aus dem Krieg in Syrien, speziell von Mitgliedern der Terrororganisation http://dlvr.it/6FF0bD

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